Exploring Physics
Curriculum App

The Exploring Physics app, is an interactive app for teaching high school physics (Physics First), physical science or conceptual physics classes. The app works as a workbook, lab book and textbook all in one! Students can use text, drawings, graphs, tables to record their work. The curriculum combines hands-on activities with a discussion-based pedagogy (modeling) and can be used for 8th grade through early college.

This curriculum app has 8 units (similar to chapters in a book). The curriculum was written in collaboration by prof. Meera Chandrasekhar (first author on units 1-4) and Dorina Kosztin (first author units 5-8). This app is used by several teachers (nation wide) in their 9th grade physics classrooms.

For more information about the app, see Exploring Physics website.

The Exploring Physics Curriculum App was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, NSF DUE 0928924.

For students, the app provides:

  • Laboratory exercises

  • Reading pages

  • Tutorial problems (see example on the left)

  • Practice problems

  • Text, drawing and graphing tools

For teachers, the app provides:

  • Big Ideas

  • Storyline

  • Common Misconceptions

  • Materials lists

  • Alignment to national and state standards

  • Teacher Pages for each activity

  • Movies on setting up labs

  • Tools for grading student work